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Golden Moissanite Earrings

Stylish golden jewelry pieces of simple and elegant forms

Gold earrings with moissanite unobtrusively emphasize the individuality, style and taste of their owner. The right accessory can easily help highlight the advantages of the face oval. For example, to visually expand the cheekbone area, experts recommend wearing small studs.

The consultants of the BS Jewelry online store will always offer jewelry that will undoubtedly suit and please your chosen one.

In the catalog you will find accessories of various shapes: studs and classic golden moissanite earrings with a leverback. Each stone in jewelry has a perfect brilliant cut.

Why Should I Buy Moissanite Earrings at BS.Jewelry

3 Reasons to Buy Moissanite Earrings at BS Jewelry Online Store



Order your favorite moissanite earrings that will delight her for decades. Thanks to rhodium plating, the jewelry is protected from wear and corrosion. Also, a long service life is ensured through the use of grown stones — the hardness of the mineral is comparable to that of a diamond (9.5 on the Mohs scale).



Buy gold earrings with moissanite — it is indistinguishable from a diamond in its characteristics, but it costs 10 to 50 times cheaper than natural stone, because it does not require expensive mining in the mines. Jewelery from the BS Jewelry collection is for those who value quality and beauty for a reasonable price.



Choose elegant moissanite earrings that will harmoniously fit into any wardrobe, they look spectacular with an evening dress and everyday outfit. A unique jewelery pair with a brilliant sparkle will neatly decorate the look and will be the perfect gift.

Buy moissanite earrings at BS Jewelry online store. For each piece of jewelry, we give a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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