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Moissanite Rings

Worthy Alternative to Diamond Jewelry

To buy a golden moissanite ring, the occasion is completely unnecessary. After all, their prices are up to 50 times lower than similar diamond jewelry — and the aesthetic qualities even surpass the latter. This stone has high characteristics of clarity and color, unsurpassed fire and brilliance. Our BS moissanite has a unique cut making it almost distinguishable from an ideal diamond.

Why Should I Buy Moissanite Rings at BS.Jewelry

Fashionable Golden Moissanite Rings

The catalog contains the most popular options.

We offer to buy golden moissanite rings of our own production — all of them meet modern trends. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that such a gift will become truly special and unforgettable. Many people dream of such a surprise.

We are very attentive to the quality of products — it is important for us that products please customers for many years. Therefore, each client receives a lifetime guarantee for the stone — for the preservation of the original color and fire, as well as 1 year for the moissanite ring itself.



With one, three or a whole path of stones — you can buy a moissanite ring in gold for almost every taste. If none of the options suits you, call or write to us — we will discuss the production of jewelry to order.



Our rings starts at 0.1 carats and goes up to 15 carats. There are both simple inexpensive moissanite golden rings on sale, as well as more luxurious ones - you can easily pick up a piece of jewelry that fits your budget.


Ring Size

If you can't find a needed ring size in our catalog it is not a problem. We could make the needed size to order or adjust the size of a stock ring if possible. If it suddenly happens that you buy a gold moissanite ring and you don’t guess with the size, you can return or exchange the product while keeping the seal within 14 days after receipt

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