Although sapphires and diamonds are identical, sapphires once had a considerably higher value than diamonds and rubies. Except for red, sapphires come throughout the entire spectrum of colors. The sapphire most frequently found is blue. One intriguing fact is that sapphires with a medium-dark shade of blue have the highest value, yet sapphires can be very expensive.

The atomic structure and crystal habit of lab-grown sapphires are the same as those of natural sapphires, and they are formed of the same components. Natural and laboratory-grown stones would be recognized as varieties of corundum. You won't be able to tell the difference between lab-grown and natural sapphires because they are so similar to one another. Here are four more points for you.

Sapphires are Rare.

We are all aware that diamonds are among the most valuable jewels. However, a campaign's study demonstrates that while diamonds are a pretty common gemstone, sapphires and rubies are significantly more valuable and rare. Because of this, grown sapphire jewelry is the most distinctive and precious gemstone you may own.

They are Affordable.

Grown sapphire jewelry demand is increasing at an extremely fast rate. Depending on your preference and decision, you can find sapphires in every form and size. When viewed from a distance and up close, sapphires resemble diamonds completely. Additionally, sapphire jewelry is far less expensive than diamond jewelry. Currently, sapphires are considered the greatest diamond substitute.

Environment Friendly.

Diamonds and sapphires are mined using various methods and procedures. Since we now use lab-grown sapphires in addition to natural sapphires, sapphires are said to be considerably more environmentally friendly than diamonds. This is because we all know how difficult and terrible the conditions are during diamond mining. Purchasing grown sapphire jewelry is an ecologically friendly choice. Sapphires are substantially more ethical than diamonds, despite the fact that we cannot guarantee and track the source, origin, and background of every sapphire. The ideal gemstone is a sapphire.

High Durability.

Speaking about durability, sapphires have a hardness rating of 9 on the scale; they are said to be incredibly solid and durable gemstones for everyday wear because they are scratch-resistant. When comparing the hardness scales of different sapphires and diamonds, we can see that there is not much of a difference between these two gemstones in terms of durability and resistance, although diamonds rate 10 on the scale of hardness.

 Sapphires are cost-effective to maintain, and you don't need to spend additional money for maintaining them. Your priceless jewel will always shine brilliantly with only a simple wash in warm, soapy water.

The gemstone sapphire strikes the ideal blend between traditional beauty and new and contemporary representation. To enable you to select a sapphire piece that best suits your personality, you should purchase jewelry depending on your preferences. Making this gemstone your own will make you feel joyous and confident.