What is Moissanite?

A relatively uncommon mineral called moissanite was first discovered in meteorites. This precious gemstone was discovered by the famous scientist Dr. Henri Moissan. Everyone initially believed the gemstone to be a diamond since it resembles diamonds very closely, but it is a unique gemstone with its own traits and properties.

Nowadays, moissanite is a popular substitute for diamonds and is rising in popularity. The solution of lab-grown moissanite has been developed in response to its rising popularity and demand in the jewelry industry, keeping it also environmentally friendly. Here are some points why gold moissanite jewelry is the best option.

Moissanites a Have Higher Refractive Index

Compared to diamonds, moissanite has a higher refractive index. Because of this, they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. Different grades of moissanite are assigned according to color. The moissanite's brightness defines its grade. More brightness and brilliance are found with higher grades. For instance, colorless moissanite indicates that it is of the finest quality. Therefore, it is crucial to know the grade of a piece of moissanite jewelry before considering purchasing it.

Moissanites are Less Expensive

The demand for moissanite jewelry is rising incredibly rapidly. You can get moissanite in every shape and size, according to your preference and choice. Both are relatively close, moissanites completely resemble diamonds. Moissanite jewelry is, however, considerably less expensive than diamond jewelry.

 This is also one of the factors contributing to moissanites' status as the best diamond replacement, as opposed to diamonds, which can cost thousands of dollars, but moissanite costs only a few hundred. People think about purchasing moissanite over diamonds since they are similar to each other and due to their huge price difference.

Moissanites are Very Durable

It is proven that moissanite is just as durable as diamond. The moissanite is 9.5 on the hardness scale, making it the second toughest gemstone after the diamond when compared to both diamond and moissanite. This indicates that moissanite won't scratch or lose its shine easily. Since moissanite is so simple to keep clean and does not need any special maintenance, they are the ideal gemstone for jewelry as they last for a very long period.

Keep This in Mind

If you want a piece of gold moissanite jewelry that is specifically manufactured for you, you can order it by telling the seller the design or style you want, and they will prepare it for you. As you shop for moissanite jewelry, be sure to ask for a 1-year warranty. While purchasing your jewelry, you can also inquire with the vendor about any policies relating to moissanite, such as warranties and insurance.

Make sure you do a quality test on them using various techniques to avoid being duped or losing your money as there are scam businesses that offer imitation goods under the impression of real ones, and if you are looking to buy gold moissanite jewelry this is your sign.