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The Best Lab Grown Diamond Alternative with a Lifetime Warranty

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A mineral millions of times more rare than a diamond

Almost every girl dreams one day, along with a engagement proposal, to receive a ring with a shining diamond from her chosen one. BS Jewelry collection consists of premium moissanite jewelry. This is a rare mineral that practically does not occur in its natural form on Earth, but is found only in clouds of cosmic dust. In the catalog you will find rings, earrings and pendants with laboratory stones, which are on par with diamonds in their beauty and durability.

Reasons to Buy Moissanite Jewelry in Our Shop

Highest quality and the unique brilliant cut


Lab Grown Diamond Alternative

Thanks to a specially designed cut, only BS Jewelry moissanite is indistinguishable from a perfect diamond in terms of the pattern of facets, brilliance and fire.

Our unique yellow moissanite is Fancy Vivid Yellow, making it on par with the most expensive diamonds in the world.


Lifetime Warranty*

Be sure that the stone will retain its color and brilliance decades after purchase.

Products with moissanite will delight you for many years, as the hardness of this mineral is 9.5 on the Mohs scale (diamond - 10)

*does not apply to mechanical damage to the item.


Fast Worldwide Shipping

Choose your moissanite jewelry and order it using the quickest possible worldwide delivery — DHL Express. We ship from Dubai, UAE to any place in the world in a couple of days.


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